About my blog

Welcome to my Absolute Zero Blog. I chose this name because I think the knowledge we have about everything out there is absolutely zero or close to zero. However everyone knows something so I thought to share what I know and what I do. Someone somewhere may find it useful or interesting. This blog is about Electronics, IoT, Programming, Embedded systems and similar areas. This is an attempt to add some more dump on the world wide web.

About me – I am an Electronics engineer with around 20 years of industry experience. I have worked in various phases of end to end electronic product development. At the start of my career, I worked in analog electronics and later moved to microcontroller world. I have developed products and projects based on various MCUs ranging from the plain old favourite 8051 controller up to ARM Cortex M4. I used assembly language and C on 8051, PIC18F and on the PIC32, ARM based MCUs, I have worked on C language. I have also done complete circuit design and PCB layout for microcontroller based systems. These days I am spending time on the soon to be ubiquitious Internet of Things.

Thank you for visiting and do let me know your thoughts and opinions about my blog.


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