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How to automate your home with your voice


Using voice to control things in your home is one of the coolest things in home automation. It is more natural to use voice rather than keyboard or a touch screen. Wouldn’t it be fun to use a voice command to turn off the lights or switch on the AC or even open the door? All without leaving the comfort of your chair !

With the availability of cloud based technologies it is not as difficult as it sounds. This project demonstrates the concepts and introduces you to two powerful network based technologies – Amazon Alexa and PubNub.

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Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic digital clock

Imagine you waking up sometime in middle of night and want to know what time it is. Well you have your favorite toy – the mobile handset – but that is not supposed to be healthy alongside your sleeping brain! The florescent hands of a wall clock fade out after an hour or so when lights are switched off. On the other hand, to have a permanently ON digital clock is a bit disturbing.  I built this project to work as an on-demand clock and the demand is when you hold your hand or any object in front of it for a second or two. Isn’t that cool?! Read on to find out more…

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