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IBM Watson, Bluemix, Node-RED and Raspberry Pi – Part II

Following on from the first post in which we covered setting up IBM Bluemix, Watson IoT service, we will now go to the next step. In this part we will setup the Raspberry Pi, design an application in Node-RED to send temperature of the CPU in Pi and visualize the temperature data in IBM Bluemix.

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IBM Watson, Bluemix, Node-RED and Raspberry Pi – Part I

If you are following developments in fields like IoT, AI, machine learning and so on, you may have heard of these buzzwords – Bluemix, Watson, cognitive computing and so on. When I first heard about them , I thought they are some high-end computing technologies and nothing to do with the toys like Raspberry Pi or mbed (well, the powerful toys). As I went on exploring, that initial reaction faded and I realized that these offerings from IBM are significant enablers to the IoT systems and have many powerful features. I have just recently started experimenting with these and thought to share the journey with you.

This is the first post on this topic and I plan to cover various features of Watson gradually in future. This post shall help you understand the basics of applying IBM’s cloud offering and other services to IoT using a Raspberry Pi and make an entry in the World of Watson.

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